Smartphones and Addiction

The Apple iPhone has turned 10 years old. Have we ever wondered how much our lives had changed in that period thanks to this iconic piece of technology. The article by Guardian highlights that four in five adults in the UK now have a smartphone, and that the average US citizen looks at their device 46 times a day; if they are 18-24 years old, they look at them 74 times a day. We use our smartphones when walking down the street, watching films, or while in places of religious worship. One in three adults admits to checking their phone in the middle of the night; 12% admit to using their phone while taking a shower; and 9% say they check their smartphone during sex.


Is smartphone connectivity to be heralded or feared? Has smartphone addiction gone out of control? What is the litany of problems associated with the usage of smartphones in our daily lives? Has the smartphone done more harm than good?


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