Hello, again, Dolly – and the bleat goes on …


In mice it is now possible to turn IPS cells derived from skin cells into sperm and eggs. If this technique—known as in vitro gametogenesis or IVG—can be perfected and adapted to humans, it could help people with various disorders, same-sex couples and it would also, in principle, allow one parent to provide both the sperm and the egg. Because people have two copies of every gene. The resulting child would not be just genetically quite identical to its parent—but it would be far closer than any natural relative.

Are we progressing in science and solving the quandaries that are popping up or are we going down a slippery slope? Opening a Pandora’s box or being Alarmist?

It is clear that technology is progressing quickly and this new technology that was not available to Dolly is here today. Do we bleat about it or just accept the march of progress?



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