Fake in China: social media posts?

What extent do you think your country will go for censorship and control of information? Would falsification of information just be the tip of the iceberg?

The new study, led by Harvard University data scientist Gary King, looks at China’s “Fifty Cent Party,” referring to the people rumored to be paid 50 Chinese cents (US$0.08) by the government for each positive social media comment they write and post. The researchers believe that the Chinese government cranks out 488 million fake social media posts a year in an effort to divert attention away from sensitive issues. The researchers describe a “massive secretive operation” carried out by government employees, highlighting just how far China is willing to go to control news and information. Many foreign websites and social networks, including Google and Facebook , are blocked in the country, and authorities closely monitor and censor activity on homegrown social media sites. Sophia Yan CNN.



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